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Wow, it has been over a year since I have posted something to my website and I figured it was about time to get back at it. A number of things happened in the past year, one is the trip I took to Austria and Holland for work in May and Nadine and I went to Israel and Jordan for a great two week vacation in October/November.

Colin and Noah

Colin and Noah

The most important event that happened in 2013 is the birth of my first grandson, Noah Grayson Bate. We will be going to meet him on the first of May and I cannot wait. Nadine was able to get down to Bermuda for a visit in February and spent a week with Colin and Lynne. So many people have said to me there is nothing more special than grandchildren. I know they are right.

New things happening in the family this year is the new 90 day fitness challenge and the creation of Body by Bate, a new health and fitness website. Adam and Devon will be taking the personal fitness training course this month and will try and help those who need their expertise. Peter will look after the new membership clients and keep track of their interests.

This past month I have brewed my first beer at home, a nice pale ale. I also have a batch of wine fermenting and look forward to sampling some of the pinot noir. I have decided to learn more about making beer and wine at home and helping those who have questions and want to break into this hobby.

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