Stone Soup Café Review

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Stone Soup Café

The Stone Soup Cafe

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pictou, Nova Scotia

A young server served the bowl of fish chowder in an outdoor setting.  It was served at the same time as my clubhouse sandwich.  The fish chowder was a little too runny and did not have a rich seafood flavour.  The ingredients were somewhat sparse and lacking in size.  The clubhouse sandwich was on whole wheat and I prefer it without tomato.  The chicken and bacon were cooked well, however the bread was too thick which made the toasted crust too flakey and it had to be removed before eating it.

The price of the lunch was reasonable, $ 35 including tip for two guests and the restaurant, though small was quaint and pleasant.


Overall rating:



Fish Chowder – 2 stars

Clubhouse – 2 ½ stars

Restaurant – 2 ½ stars


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